Global and Local Literature Monitoring undefined

Global and Local Literature Monitoring

Global and Local Medical Literature Monitoring

Unlock a mature system supported by an experienced team with our global literature screening service. Our deep expertise and client-centric approach redefine maximal accuracy, consistency, compliance, and well-designed and well-executed processes.

Our Core Strengths
  • Profound Expertise

    Our team's extensive experience, bolstered by continuous training and knowledge-sharing among members, ensures meticulous scrutiny of safety data.

  • Tailored Adaptability

    We customise our service to your needs, ensuring seamless alignment with scope, depth, and specific requirements.

  • SOP Alignment

    Our integration with your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) assures compliance and consistency with established protocols.

  • Medical Doctor Engagement

    Our service benefits from the involvement of medical doctors, who offer in-depth medical insights for complex, intricate, or ambiguous cases.

Local MLM

Elevate your pharmacovigilance strategy with our exceptional local medical literature review services. Our process ensures accuracy and thoroughness in identifying crucial safety information.

Our Core Strengths
  • Proven Expertise

    Benefit from our 15-year-refined process, ensuring accuracy and reliability in each review.

  • Medical Doctor Review

    Exclusively performed by trained, experienced Medical Doctors for a meticulous and informed assessment.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

    We extend beyond medical journals to include conference proceedings - a primary source of safety information - amplifying the scope of our assessment.

  • Thorough Examination

    Our word-by-word, cover-by-cover review leaves no stone unturned, and no detail missed.

  • Monthly Quality Checks

    Regular quality controls, including reviewer performance assessments, underscore our commitment to excellence.

  • Extensive Trust

    Over 70 MAHs rely on us for screening over 1,000 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), attesting to our services reliability.

  • Holistic Recording

    We document all identified safety information for all pharmaceutical products, enabling comprehensive retrospective reviews.