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Local QP for Greece & Cyprus

Greece and Cyprus are among the EU countries that require the appointment of a local Qualified Person for pharmacovigilance, as per the article 104 of Directive 2010/84/EU: “national competent authorities may request the nomination of a contact person for pharmacovigilance issues at national level reporting to the qualified person responsible for pharmacovigilance activities.” 

Medwork has dedicated, properly qualified, local staff in both countries, who can assume the role and responsibilities of the local QP for pharmacovigilance as well as her/his deputy. 

Further local pharmacovigilance services include: 

  • Handling of safety information as per relevant local regulations
  • Medical information handling
  • Handling of technical complaints about products
  • Regulatory intelligence–monitoring of local legislation governing pharmacovigilance, medical information and PTC handling and informing contracted MAHs